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Nations Brand began as a mere idea, influenced by a stroke of inspiration collected during Spencer's travels across the nations. With a deep, welling desire to create a business model that gives back, Spencer dreamt up Nations Brand - product with purpose. Initially, the idea for the recyclable business motif was spurred by the ongoing need for refugees to regain their dignity. As Spencer sat in the dirt with the needy and victimized, she realized that the human need for creativity and purpose could be satisfied by a simple "yes". Thus, Nations Brand was born. The company was birthed with the vision to give village-dwellers, refugees, and marginalized individuals the opportunity to regain their dignity by way of crafting artisan-quality goods for a purpose.


Visionary team, Brennan and Spencer, have given their lives to championing a generation of "yes-sayers" by simply yielding to the dreams impressed upon their hearts - to make real world change using craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. After many years spent crossing borders on the map and engaging various cultures and ethnic groups, along with the deep-rooted needs that lie therein, Brennan and Spencer want to give back - Nations Brand is their way of doing that.