The Importance of Gathering //

Gathering around a table with good food + good company // Jesus modeled community so well in His ministry, choosing to live slowly and dwell around tables with His companions. The table was where trust was built - it is where conversation was held, community occurred, and the opportunity to teach + learn developed. 

What would it look like if we, as a generation, decided to take back that part of society that has become dimly prevalent in our modern society ... what if we chose to create spaces for others to gather in, to rest, to be inspired, to sup deeply with one another,  to be invited to return to roots of simple musings. That is what we are all about: rediscovering the power + purpose of true community. 


Community dinner tonight features: 

Olive + Garlic Artisan bread paired with fresh rosemary from our herb garden
Organic chicken thighs, braised in a homemade orange honey marinade
Citrus + Apple salad paired with blue cheese crumbles, walnuts + fresh, organic dill
Smashed garlic golden potatoes with (organic) fresh dill, garlic, + herbs de Provence.


Recipe // 


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