Becoming a More Conscious Consumer

Ethical Consumerism

Ethical consumerism is a rising topic – one that holds so much depth yet confusion. In today’s society, the fast fashion industry, with its inexpensive price tags and equally cheap design, has taken over. Items have become a shopper’s commodity and leisurely pleasure rather than thought-filled purchases. The malls are filled with easily accessible (and replaceable) items – but there is a much bigger storyline hidden behind flashy SALE signs – one that we as consumers help to write every time we swipe the credit card. Every time we buy, we vote.

Attractive rugs artfully situated on store shelves beg for attention and it is easily to think that the production of those items were as easy as entering in some ergonomics into a computer system, pressing a button, and out comes a brand new product ready for purchase. The truth, however, is that a farmer had to work to grow and harvest the materials, process the fibers, reform it into usable textile, move it, pack it, sell it and then it typically goes into large factories to be dyed with chemicals and sewn by fast moving machines at a wholesale rate and THEN it ends up on the rack. What about those growers, movers, packers, sellers … people?

 According to The Green Hub, 1 in 6 people work in the global fashion industry and make less than $3/day. Factory workers typically work in overheated and under equipped conditions without access to clean water, clean working spaces, ethical hours or fair wages. This is why Nations Brand is committed to working one-on-one with artisans in an ethical, fair-trade manner. We are working hard to ensure that our products are made using sustainable materials that have a smaller impact on the environment, without the use chemical dyes or pollutants.

Why should we care?

Every time we buy, we vote for the world we want to live in. When we purchase at big corporations, we are investing into their growth and power. When we purchase items that were made by exploiting individuals, with materials that leave a negative impact on our air and lands, we choose. Don’t ever underestimate the voting power of your dollar! There are real people behind all of the impulse purchases, so questioning whether those people were empowered in the process is key. As shoppers, we support bad working conditions for factory workers when we choose to purchase unethical goods. We are human and the people that help to construct the products that dwell in our home are too. We have the opportunity to care about sustainable consumerism because we live on a beautiful planet that can only stay this way if we care for it; using resources that are sustainable for the planet will help keep it healthy and vibrant.

 What does Nations Brand Do About It?

We are a brand that supports artisan empowerment – we do our best to completely cut out middle men in the production of all of the products that we offer. Our artisan partners are paid fair-wage prices for their handiwork. They are our friends. Our artisans work with materials made from natural fibers such raffia grass, palm tree fibers, cactus silk, wool, clay, brass. Our leather is either unadulterated or plant-dyed. We use a zero-waste model in our packaging, with every bottle being made from reusable glass. There are no factories used in the production of Nations Brand goods – every piece is uniquely handmade. Our team carefully curates each piece in our product line, intentional focusing on slow made, timeless and quality pieces that celebrate the nation in which they are made.  


We can be proud of the impact that we are making with our purchases!