product with purpose

We partner with an international nonprofit organization that works in nations across Asia and the Middle East, creating opportunities for real world change. This nonprofit seeks to build up homes for orphans, schools to educated the disenfranchised, engage villagers with medical and emergency relief, and to make a difference by working with Syrian + Iraqi refugees. 

We at Nations Brand believe in the heartbeat of this platform, not only as a nonprofit but as a community of pioneers. Grafted from the same strand, our partners also seek to work solely through indigenous peoples from the native lands in which they work. They believe that the most effective way to make a difference is through the local people, in the mother tongue. We believe that too, so we give 10% of our profit to them.

Our eventual goal at Nations Brand is to sponsor several artisans and native peoples via micro-loans and direct partnerships, giving them a platform to funnel their handiworks and make income for their families. The goal is for them to be able to finally step into the dreams on their hearts and be equipped to return to their communities with the skills necessary to build sustainable businesses while preserving traditional crafts.