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In the midst of a factory-driven society, we value slow made, hand made, human made product. Nations Brand works with native artisans in North Africa to bring you homewares, rugs, baskets, ceramics, wooden goods and authentic Berber textiles. We take the time to sit with each of our artisan partners, intentional to know their story and their craft well. Our small team curates each piece in our product line, hand selecting every piece. We focus on hand crafted, timeless and quality pieces that celebrate the culture from which they are made.

Hand Made | Slow Made | Human Made


We carefully curate quality, artisan goods from nations around the globe - all 100% handmade by the artisan themselves. Ethically sourced, purpose-driven. Nations Brand is far more than just an ethically sourced goods brand, we embody a lifestyle. We value artisan empowerment and cultural celebration at the heart of our mission.


At Nations Brand, we feel the need to rediscover threatened cultures and revive lost traditions. We partner with native artisans across the nations, curating artful homewares and accessories. Nations Brand connects talented indigenous artisans with the global community by way of celebrating their local craft. All Nations Brand products are 100% handmade, ethically-sourced through our artisan partnerships.


Spencer hand selects every single product. Sitting cross-legged in the desert heat, sipping tea in villages, and sourcing from busy city streets, she spends countless hours working with indigenous artisans and combs through hundreds of products. There is no formula in selecting each piece, instead she relies on her intuition and astute eye for unusual beauty. Instinctively, she connects with a piece based on the color palette, asymmetrical shape or interesting composition. Spencer celebrates imperfections and flaws, as they are a result of human craftsmanship and a layered history.