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About Nations brand

Nations Brand began as a mere idea, influenced by stroke of inspiration collected during Spencer's travels across the nations. With a deep, welling desire to create a business model that gives back, Spencer dreamt up Nations Brand - product with purpose. Initially, the idea for the recyclable business motif was spurred by the ongoing need for refugees to regain their dignity. As Spencer sat in the dirt with the needy and victimized, she realized that the human need for creativity and purpose could be satisfied by a simple "yes". Thus, Nations Brand was born. The company was birthed with the vision to give village-dwellers, refugees, and marginalized individuals the opportunity to regain their dignity by way of crafting artisan-quality goods for a purpose.

Each product has a story | Each purchase goes back to helping native artisans in Morocco | Each person is empowered. 



At Nations Brand, we feel the need to rediscover threatened cultures and revive lost traditions. we partner with native artisans across the nations, curating artful homewares and accessories. Nations Brand connects talented indigenous artisans with the global community by way of celebrating their local craft. Almost all nations brand products are 100% handmade and fairly traded through our artisan partnerships.


We carefully curate quality, artisan goods from nations around the globe.


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Spencer hand selects every single product. Sitting cross-legged in the desert heat, sipping tea in villages, and sourcing from busy city streets, she spends countless hours working with indigenous artisans and combing through hundreds and hundreds of products. There is no formula in selecting each piece, instead she relies on her intuition and astute eye for unusual beauty. Instinctively, she connects with a piece based on the color palette, asymmetrical shape or interesting composition. Spencer celebrates imperfections and flaws, as they are a result of human craftsmanship and a layered history.

Committed to sustainability and supporting the longevity of traditional techniques, the majority of the pieces Spencer hand selects are pre-loved vintage rugs made from wool and woven fibers. The contemporary pieces are made by skilled artisans using traditional methods that have been passed down from generations. These are sourced from Marrakesh bazaars or straight from remote Berber villages in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Wooden Goods:
All of our wooden goods are hand crafted by artisans in the nation of Morocco - each piece is unique, with it's own texture and color. The variation is cast by the different types of wood used by our partner artisans as well as the cut of tree. These wooden items are time tested and classic. 

Nations Brand leather goods are currently sourced from both Morocco and Nepal. Our Nepali bags are hand stitched by earthquake victims, from raw yak hide. Our Morocco bags are crafted by our artisan partners in Marrakesh, Morocco - each bag is hand selected and professionally crafted to last a lifetime of adventure.  

Our ceramic pieces are sourced from Morocco - each piece is hand selected for it's intricate detail and playful imperfection. We love these pieces! 

Bespoke Finds: 
We believe in the "rediscovered" life - each of our bespoke finds are hand selected pieces that have been loved on by those who have gone before. You never know what you are going to find in our limited-quantity selection! 


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